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New Stablecoin Bill Faces Criticism for Stifling Innovation and Breaching First Amendment

Bitcoin 20 Apr 2024
The bill includes a provision that bans all “algorithmic payment ...

Polkadot Unveils Major Upgrade Plan: Relay Chain Replacement And 10M DOT Prize Incentive

NewsBTC 20 Apr 2024
Wood introduced the JAM Implementer’s Prize, a 10 Million DOT prize pool, to encourage diverse development of the JAM protocol ... It also introduces SAFROLE, a SNARK-based block production algorithm.

Artificial wombs will only add to the harm children face from reproductive technology

Life Site 20 Apr 2024
Yet many eagerly anticipate an even more relationally barren existence during the most primal stage of development ... Conveniently, those AI “nannies” can also “rank” embryos and encourage or terminate their development according to an algorithm.

AI in Life Sciences: How technological advancements are shaping healthcare in 2024

Pharmiweb 19 Apr 2024
In drug discovery and development, AI algorithms analyze massive datasets to identify potential drug candidates, significantly accelerating the process and reducing costs.1 ... Machine learning algorithms ...

How Israel uses facial-recognition systems in Gaza and beyond

The Observer 19 Apr 2024
... by the algorithm ... It’s up to the algorithm.”Since your report came out, the New York Times reported that similar facial-recognition tech has been developed and deployed to surveil Palestinians in Gaza.

Turkish AI defense firm secures investment at valuation of $12.5M

Anadolu Agency 19 Apr 2024
The firm’s innovative systems offer cost-effective and fully autonomous solutions thanks to specially developed, field-proven AI algorithms ... The “Eye” system, developed for tactical ...

Beating the Talent Disruption: Leveraging AI to Scale Human Capital

LA Weekly 19 Apr 2024
Gary Loveman, the former CEO of Caesars Entertainment, an MIT PhD who developed the gold standard of algorithms to power the service profit chain ... align talent development with organizational goals.

Skynet Trading receives backing from Saxo Bank Co-Founder Lars Seier Christensen and Edessa Capital

Coin Edition 18 Apr 2024
, a leading firm in digital assets trading and algorithmic software development, has announced a notable private transaction with Seier Capital and Edessa Capital ... asset algorithmic trading space.

Polyhedra Network and Google Cloud to offer ZK proofs to developers

CryptoNewsZ 18 Apr 2024
Google Cloud’s high-performance infrastructure ensures that developers can effectively utilize Polyhedra’s custom-made algorithms and enhance their performance.

Using deep learning to image the Earth's planetary boundary layer

Phys Dot Org 18 Apr 2024
This PBL-focused research effort builds on more than a decade of related work on fast, operational neural network algorithms developed by Lincoln Laboratory for NASA missions ... These algorithms retrieve ...

KUNA ctr concludes AI content creation course

Kuna 18 Apr 2024
The latest developments of AI in news was discussed during the course, he affirmed, adding that AI was important in running algorithms of social media networks and digital platforms.

Materials follow the 'Rule of Four,' but scientists don't know why yet

Phys Dot Org 18 Apr 2024
So, the team involved Rose Cernosky, a machine-learning expert at the University of Wisconsin, who developed an algorithm to group structures according to their atomic properties and look at formation ...

Smart translator boosts trade at Canton Fair

ECNS 18 Apr 2024
Additionally, iFlytek has developed a global programmatic advertising marketing platform, utilizing AI technology and algorithm capabilities to help businesses reach more target users and achieve more effective user growth.

ICRC welcomes Chinese support, to take cooperation in humanitarian areas to new level

The Manila Times 18 Apr 2024
... development, and peace ... We are also concerned about autonomous weapons, which have unpredictable consequences that even the designers and developers of the algorithm and products cannot anticipate.

How luxury motoring brands are charging into the world of electric vehicles

The National 18 Apr 2024
“We will develop our own core components, so the first full-electric Ferrari will still be a Ferrari, leveraging the extensive know-how of our Formula One team.” ... We will develop, in-house, our own functionalities.